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Nature Education Program

PertamaGiving back to the environment and supporting sustainability is highly important to Mimaki. One very rewarding milestone in our sustainability efforts was our adoption of a female Sumatran tiger at the Barcelona zoo. Her name is Pertama, which means “The First” in Indonesian. This adoption celebrates our continued commitment to the environment through the Mimaki Nature Education Program, an initiative that supports the nature and wildlife education of youth and children in Spain.

About the Sumatran tiger

The Sumatran tiger is a tiger subspecies indigenous to Indonesia. It is currently listed as Critically Endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List, only one stage before extinction of the species. Pertama is one of few remaining Sumatran tigers in the world.

Mimaki tigerThe Barcelona Zoo is home for many large felines, including a cheetah, jaguar, lion, and leopard, but only one tiger – this rare Sumatran tiger only found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. According to the last census on this animal (2008), the remaining population scarcely exceeds 500. This critically endangered species is currently threatened with the destruction of its habitat and with poaching, to sell and trade its parts for traditional oriental medicine or as a trophy.

In addition to supporting the goals and values of the Zoo, this adoption helps support the Zoo’s participation in the EEP (European Captive Breeding Programme) that aims to conserve healthy populations of animals in captivity while safeguarding the genetic health of the animals under the Zoo’s care. These programmes provide a future for some of the world’s most vulnerable species, especially where education and in-situ conservation work can stabilize natural habitats and change destructive behaviours.

More than 85% of the species hosted at the Zoo are included on the IUCN’s ‘Red List’ of Threatened Species; and in recent years, almost 30% of the animals born in the Zoo have since been released to their natural habitat.

For more information about Pertama, visit this link. Or better yet, plan a trip to the zoo and see Pertama in person!

Mimaki Adoption of the Sumatran tiger Pertama

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Our adoption of the Sumatran tiger embodies our responsible approach.
You can find more about the Save the Tiger at the WWF site

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