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Mimaki Core Technologies

Mimaki’s Unique Features

As a technology driven company, we invest a lot in R&D and put a lot of effort into creating innovative technologies and pioneering products.
With our vision “Something New, Something Different” we are committed to develop innovative technologies that enable you to realize your ideas and make a difference in your business, against your competition, or to the community and environment around you. At Mimaki, we believe that our customers should have confidence that their printers and plotters deliver efficiently and consistently outstanding results.

Mimaki printers include core technologies and unique features that offer the best print quality, maximum productivity and reduced exposure to risks that can delay production. See a list of Mimaki’s Core Technologies below.

Mimaki Advanced Pass System reduces banding – MAPS

This core technology utilizes an advanced algorithm pattern to reduce banding. Swath boundaries are overprinted and boundaries prone to banding are printed with fewer ink droplets. It will give you assurance that your prints will look spectacular even at higher speeds.

Waveform Control delivers precisely shaped ink dots – WFC

This core technology utilizes finely tuned frequencies for each ink’s specific gravity and viscosity to precisely shape and place individual drops, giving you the certainty that your images are optimized even at lower resolutions.

Variable Dot Technology creates smooth gradations

Variable Dot Technology enables the printer to print in 3 different dot sizes, small, medium and large. This technology will create high quality images with smooth gradations.

Mimaki Fine Diffusion reduces noise – MFD

This core technology uses an advanced dithering process to reduce noise and produce smoother solid colors, making sure that your images are optimized even at lower resolutions.

Mimaki Clear Control – MCC

The Mimaki Clear Control (MCC) minimizes the ink-curing time to reduce the possibility of dust accumulating on the printed surface. This is accomplished by simultaneous clear ink jetting and UV light radiation, thus producing a glossy clear print with minimum dust.

Mimaki intelligent heaters improve media and ink performance – MIH

This patented core technology improves media and ink performance, giving you guarantee in print quality and economy in your production.

Mimaki Bulk Ink System delivers capacity – MBIS

This core technology enables easy scalability to higher ink capacity, enabling that your production can grow with your needs without influencing costs.

Uninterrupted Ink Supply System ensures continued replenishment – UISS

This core technology utilizes a redundant ink supply for continued ink replenishment, ensuring that no matter what capacity is used, your production and costs are not impacted whilst avoiding half empty cartridges.

Mimaki Circulation Technology keeps ink particles from settling – MCT

This core technology continuously agitates inks that are susceptible to settling – such as White or Silver – protecting the print quality and economy in your production.

Nozzle Check Unit to detect outages – NCU

This core technology monitors nozzle outages and automatically activates a series of recovery functions, ensuring that your production and costs are not impacted.

Nozzle Recovery System to remap working nozzles – NRS

This core technology automatically assigns operational nozzles when an outage is detected, giving you the guarantee that your production and costs are not affected.

Automatic Media Feeder – AMF

Continuous and stable media conveying Media up to a roll weight of 100 kg is securely controlled. Mimaki’s AMF maintains optimum tension even on long jobs.

Automatic Media Clamp function

This technique enables unattended operation without manual intervention. It automatically adjusts pinch roller pressures through the whole process of print and cut to ensure accurate the highest print and cut accuracy.

Automatic Cleaning function

Reliable output results are always ensured if the print heads are always kept clean. Head cleaning is automatically carried out when printing is completed for a set of length or time with the auto cleaning function.

Automatic Wiper Cleaner

This technique ensures quick and effective cleaning. It avoids color mixing in the print heads which leads to sharper images and reduces daily maintenance time.

Jam Sensor

A highly sensitive sensor attached to the print head detects even a slightly wrinkled or draped textile surface and prevents a print head strike or a media jam, thereby reducing print head damage.

Mimaki Degassing Module – MDM

Mimaki degassing module eliminates the gasses or bubbles inside the ink, preventing nozzle failure and ink sedimentation. This results in higher productivity, higher print quality and lower costs.

ID Cut

Through ID Cut technology, the cut data of every print data is readable to start the cut automatically. This saves operation time and it reduces media loss by data transmission error.

Crop Mark Detection

An optical sensor enables automatic consecutive detection of crop marks throughout the nested images. Together with the automatic adjustment function, it helps to achieve precise contour cutting.

Half Cut

With the half cut function, the backing sheet can be cut, leaving a few connection points, which hold the image in place after cutting. When finished, the backing sheet can be easily detached.

Over Cut

With our over cut technology, a perfect intersection at the start- and endpoint is created to ensure easy weeding of the vinyl.

Corner Cut

The corner cut function creates intersections on all corners to generate perfect sharp corners.

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